Feb 2022

Acquilla Solutions is a professional Quality, Safety, Health and Environment (QSHE) training & Consulting service company, working in diverse sectors of the economy since. We serve Clients in government sectors, energy, oil and gas, technology, hospitality, financial services, engineering, construction, automotive, aerospace, marine, IT and government sector. Our clients depend on us to effectively support them to implement, advise and audit their management systems to provide assurance of business-critical compliance and risk management. Due to expansion in our business (service delivery/projects), we are seeking to add more professional Instructor/Auditor/Consultant in the area......

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Dec 2021
How to Become an Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Professional

So you want to work in environmental health and safety, or EHS. Understanding the EHS specialist’s job description is the first step in determining whether or not it will be the right fit for you and knowing the necessary certificates you’ll need. As an EHS professional, you assist a huge number of firms in meeting workplace and public safety standards. Let’s get started…   What is an environmental health and safety  (EHS) professional? An environmental health and safety (EHS) expert is a specialist who sets and enforces regulations to protect the health......

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Dec 2021
blue and red books clean graphic sales and promos business and retail back to school banner

Here’s a short list of what you should do if you notice someone driving, who shouldn’t be Driving while intoxicated You may have to deal with a driver who you know is under the influence and making a bad decision to drive. You should step in to prevent them from driving drunk or high. If the person hasn’t yet taken the wheel, try to persuade them not to. Offer to find them another ride or call a ride-sharing service, enlist the assistance of another friend or family member, or contact your local......

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Nov 2021
fire mitigation startegy

Have you ever thought about what might happen to your company if a fire broke out? What impact would this have on your operations? Every year, fire causes millions in losses to businesses all around the world. It’s not just a matter of safety; corporations are legally compelled to employ specific fire protection measures.   Fire Prevention Strategies The most crucial aspect of any risk management plan is prevention. Prevention and readiness are critical components of any risk management plan. Organizations may keep their people and equipment safe by minimizing fire hazards......

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Sep 2021
A woman confused with her option of Corporate Training Companies

What is a Corporate Training Company? Corporate training, sometimes known as workplace learning, is a set of activities aimed at educating employees. Developing your team through workplace learning is not only a critical component of an organization’s success, but it also empowers its people to be more equipped for their jobs, compete on a global scale, and provide job satisfaction. There are numerous factors to consider when engaging or searching for a qualified provider, so here are our SIX suggestions to help you with this important duty.  Tip #1.  Vet All Credentials......

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