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We are aware of your challenges whilst seeking to fill in the position of Health, Safety and Environment Professionals as part of your team, you are not alone.  At Acquilla Solutions, We can arrange for one of our HSE officers to be at your site/facility on a one off basis or as many officers/supervisors/managers your operations may require permanently or for scheduled visits.

Our Safety professionals ranges from local Interns to Experienced Professionals (locals/expats) cutting across various industries. They have the competency to provide the following services to support your business needs thereby allowing you to focus on your core business;

  1. Site preparation: updating and inspecting documentation and procedures (accident prevention plans, hot work permits, safety briefings, etc.)
  2. Accident prevention and safety of site activities through daily risk analysis: safety meetings, managing concurrent activities and external contractors, wearing of PPE, HSE regulations, etc.
  3. Accident analysis tools and methods
  4. Corrective actions
  5. Interface between management, client and different participants: Health & Safety Coordinator, Site foreman, Charge hand, Work inspector, etc.

Despite our professional’s competencies, we believe each workplace has its unique peculiarities so we insist on a day’s documented familiarization training peculiar to  the specific workplace that the professional is assigned to, to ensure an easy entrance despite the necessary induction training become the employee resumes work officially.

As part of our recruitment services (On request), we carry out the following services as well to ensure you are getting the right person for the job;

  • Pre-employment screening (Background checks, character reference checks and medical fitness to work check)
  • Annual HSE Refresher Courses to ensure Continual Professional Development

Our Safety Professionals ranges from B.Sc. & M.Sc. Degree Holders, OHSAS Lead Auditors, IRCA Lead Auditors, ISPON, Maritime Academy, ISPON, Petroleum Training Institute, Institute of Petroleum Studies, HND, OND,

Our Professional Manpower Services benefits include: 

  • Competitive rates available to clients
  • Highly skilled and reputable practitioners with vast experience
  • Readily available to work on a 12hr or 24hr project
  • Projects supported by a management team offsite
  • All of our practitioners are continually assessed, monitored, reviewed and appraised to ensure client satisfaction
  • Practitioners are culturally sensitive to clients beliefs and attitudes
  • Practitioners are aware of their obligations and expectations towards HSEQ
  • Practitioners are assessed against clients requirements to ensure suitability

We offer a range of Professional Manpower options, including:

  1. HSEQ Managers
  2. HSE Advisors
  3. Safety Engineers
  4. Lead Auditors ( e.g. ISO 9001:2015, OHSAS 18001)
  5. Leadership Coaches
  6. HSEQ Trainers
  7. Site based Operators
  8. First Aiders
  9. Fire Wardens
  10. HSE Interns
  11. Gas Testers
  12. PTW Experts
  13. Riggers
  14. Scaffolders (Erectors & Inspectors)

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